I started Loftyminded in Alaska in October, 2009 in an attempt to impose some creative structure upon myself.  While this blog doesn’t adhere to any particular theme, it is often a place where I ponder the life I live in Homer, Alaska.  In August, 2021 I started the Five-Acre Almanac which will be a weekly post having to do with living here on this piece of land we call home. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you’ll consider signing up to receive a notification each time I post. I’d love to share your company.

All best,

Teresa Sundmark

2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Just reread an writing you did about losing your dad “Saying goodbye to my father” from High Country News. Not sure when you wrote it but I found it so moving the first time and each time since. Thank you for writing so eloquently. Glad I’ve found you on the web.

    Mary Morgan

    1. Dear Mary,
      Thank you so much for tracking me down! My dad died fifteen years ago, so the piece for the High Country News that you’re referring to must be about 13-14 years old now. How wonderful for me to hear that someone still thinks about it and reads it from time to time. It was the first thing I ever published.
      I’m so glad you dropped by and left a note.

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